Full-motion flight simulation has landed in Perth!

Simulator Solutions Australia’s (SSA) flight simulator offers superior graphics, realistic hydraulic motion, 3 to 6 degrees of freedom (DOF), haptic feedback through pneumatic control on rudder, aileron and elevator, and a 2+2 cockpit with dual controls and internal instructor console.

The simulator is currently approved by CASA as a Category B Synthetic Trainer.  SSA is currently working with CASA in order to obtain extra credits for the simulator.

The simulator has high resolution, near photo realistic visuals, providing correct eye view point referencing for both crew seats.

The simulator is a four seat unit comprising 2 crew seats with full dual cockpit and instrumentation as well as an additional observer seat, and a fully equipped instructor seat and software console able to control all aspects of the flight including a wide range of failure and emergency scenarios.  With a change of the throttle quadrant the simulator can be configured to:

  • Piston Twin
  • Piston or Turbine Single
  • Turbine Twin
  • Light Jet Twin

The simulator facility also incorporates a modern briefing room facility complete with teaching aids, a computer and audio visual equipment.

Simulator Solutions Australia (SSA) is convienently located at Jandakot Airport in Western Australia.

Please contact us for more information.